EasyTide - Terms and Conditions of the Service


EasyTide is a web based tidal prediction service provided by the UK Hydrographic Office. EasyTide provides you, as a user, with two levels of service:

  1. Free predictions for the current day and the next 6.
  2. Extended predictions for a period of time specified by you, the user (up to 50 years in the past or 50 years in the future). Extended predictions carry a charge.

The service also provides you with the opportunity to register with the site, helping to personalise certain pages such as the Notice Board for example. When requesting extended predictions you will be asked to submit payment details before the prediction can be generated.

Please Note

You should not use any EasyTide service as a navigational aid for large vessels. Such vessels should use the UKHO's TotalTide product. Details of where to obtain TotalTide can be found at www.ukho.gov.uk/ProductsandServices/DigitalPublications/Pages/ATT.aspx


The UKHO has a firm commitment to maintaining the security and confidentiality of personal information collected on the Site. It is registered under the Data Protection Act 1998. Please refer to www.ukho.gov.uk/pages/PrivacyPolicy.aspx for further information.


To enable you to use the EasyTide service the UKHO will place a 'cookie' onto your computer. Its purpose is to store any preferences you may set up in your use of the service. Your browser must be configured to allow cookies if you want your preferences to be remembered. Please refer to your browser provider if you have any questions about this.


Your payment for the service will be handled by the UKHO's appointed payment service provider, SECpay. The UKHO has used reasonable endeavours in the appointment of the payment service provider to ensure the security of your payment details. Further information about the appointed payment service provider can be found at www.secpay.comThe UKHO advises that you ensure you are happy to have your payment details handled by this provider before entering into any transaction for the EasyTide service.


Once you have completed the Payment form and submitted it, the form will be checked by SECpay. If SECpay is satisfied that it has all the information it needs you will receive an email from the UKHO advising you that the service is available for use. A contract between you and the UKHO is formed when payment is received by SECPay.


The UKHO's website Terms and Conditions form part of the contract and you are advised to read them, they can be found at www.ukho.gov.uk/pages/termsandconditions.aspx

Terms and conditions specific to the EasyTide service are as follows:

Provision of the Service
  1. The UKHO will provide the service in consideration for the payment you make.
  2. The UKHO will use reasonable endeavours to ensure that the information produced by the service is up-to-date information about the times and heights of tides that is suitable for use by the leisure community but will make no attempt to ensure that such information is suitable for use as a navigational aid by pilots or by the operators, masters or crew of large vessels.
  3. While reasonable efforts will be made by the UKHO to ensure that the information is accurate, the UKHO offers no warranty as to its accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose. Use of information provided by the service is entirely at the user's own risk. The UKHO shall, to the fullest extent permitted by law, bear no liability for any loss or damage (save for death or personal injury) arising from defects or inaccuracies in the information produced by the service or from use, misuse or non-use of such information, whether defective or inaccurate or otherwise.
  4. You recognise that from time to time technical difficulties may prevent the UKHO from providing the service at all. In such circumstances, and where it is possible for it to do so, the UKHO will use reasonable endeavours to re-establish service provision as soon as possible. The UKHO accepts no liability for any damage, loss, inconvenience or loss of amenity caused by any inability to provide the service, whether or not provision of the service is capable of re-establishment by the UKHO.