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The Intellectual Property Section handles requests to reproduce our copyright material and we can issue licences for both commercial and non-commercial re-use. If you are not sure whether you need our permission, please contact us for advice. We are always happy to help.

We encourage you to use our material for new purposes. We do not restrict your re-use of UKHO material, though your reproduction must be included in an appropriate licence agreement. If our existing licence agreements do not cover your purpose, we may amend an existing licence agreement or we may develop a new licence agreement to cover the purpose.

We will treat the following information that you provide to us as “Confidential”, unless such information is legitimately available to third parties. We may pass information about your application to the custodian organisations if it is appropriate, but will not otherwise discuss your application outside of the Intellectual Property Section without your express permission.

  • Your private residential address if you are entering into this Agreement in a personal capacity
  • The existence of this Agreement prior to first publication of your product
  • All sales and financial information
  • Any information you send us which is marked ‘confidential’.

The UKHO is a government Trading Fund and part of the Ministry of Defence. Our primary activity is the provision of navigational products and services to the Royal Navy and the merchant marine in compliance with Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Regulations. We receive no direct financial support from central government so we must operate in a business-like manner as cost-effectively as possible. To remain an effective long-term supplier of safety information we make revenue from the sale and licensing of our products and services. This must cover the full costs of creating and maintaining the information.