Criteria you must meet to be granted a licence ...

A FREE non-commercial or low-value commercial licence can be obtained quickly and easily in just a few minutes, by following our simple step-by-step process below.

Please note that, even where the licence is FREE, you must still obtain a licence agreement to obtain our permission to reproduce our material.

  • Your reproduction must not be used to help navigate unless used in conjunction with the original material.
  • You must own an original version of the material being copied; i.e. you must have bought (or legally obtained) the material you want to copy and continue to hold that material during the licence period. You may not borrow a copy of the material you wish to reproduce and still qualify for a non-commercial or low-value licence, and
  • You must meet at least one of the following 5 qualifying criteria:
    • Your product or service has no commercial value. We may consider that your product does have a commercial value if it competes with something that other people sell.
    • The total commercial value of all your products or services that contain our material is less than £10,000 in any one year. The commercial value is calculated by multiplying the total selling price x the number of copies printed/distributed, e.g.
      • a sell price of £2 x 1,000 copies = £ 2,000
      • a sell price of £1 x 15,000 copies = £15,000
    • The reproduction is in magazines, newspapers, calendars, promotional brochures or other publications that are published periodically and:
      • the number of tidal predictions in a single edition is limited to either:
        • a single port (for up to one year)
        • up to 10 ports (but only for a month)
        • for any number of ports (but only for seven days including the current day)
      • Astronomical and calendarial data (taken from HM Nautical Almanac Office Astronomical Information Sheets) is limited to the current year and the next four years.
      • The total area of all images reproduced in a single edition is less than 600cm2; and the total text reproduced in a single edition is less than 600 words.
      • The total extracts reproduced from Admiralty Notices to Mariners cover up to a maximum of three pages at A4 size and are not customised to individual users requirements.
    • You will use the material on television or in films, or in a video or DVD recorded programme (but not to instruct others).
    • You will display the material on a website where either;
      • the material is only tidal predictions and is limited to
        • either a single port (for up to one year)
        • up to 10 ports (but only for a month)
        • for any number of ports (but only for seven days including the current day)
      • the material is in image form and the website will receive, on average, less than 1000 page impressions per day (See

Please note that even if you do not meet these criteria, you may still be eligible for a free non-commercial or low-value licence from us. In this event, you will receive a message to say that your application cannot be processed online, and all the details you have entered will be sent to us, and we will then contact you. We may need some additional information to assess whether you qualify for a non- commercial or low-value licence.

If we are able to offer you a non-commercial or low-value licence, we aim to do so within 7 working days from the date of application, although we can usually process simple applications more quickly.