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Radio Navigational Warnings

We act as the NAVAREA I (NE Atlantic) Co-ordinator for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and International Hydrographic Organization (IHO) Worldwide Navigational Warning Service (WWNWS) and also as the United Kingdom National Co-ordinator for issuing coastal navigational warnings.

Whilst the UKHO will attempt to keep this site up-to-date by adding and cancelling navigational warnings in real time, for reasons beyond its control, this may not always be possible. The approved method of receiving Maritime Safety Information (MSI) is via the appropriate IMO, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) broadcast systems as defined by the WWNWS. The provision of navigational warnings on this website is not intended to be a substitute for, or an alternative to, the International SafetyNET service or the International NAVTEX service, and does not relieve Masters/Captains of their responsibility to monitor MSI broadcasts in accordance with the provisions of SOLAS.

Many warnings are of a temporary nature, but others may remain in force for several weeks and may be superseded by Notices to Mariners.

The IHO WWNWS-SC web page allows direct access to all the NAVAREA Co-ordinators around the world who have made their NAVAREA warnings available on the web. To get to the IHO WWNWS-SC web page, click on the "Visit IHO WWNWS" button below.

To switch to a low-graphic/plain text/non-java version, click on the "Simple Text Version" button below.

The World Meteorological Organization is conducting a survey concerning the quality of messages broadcast via SafetyNet and NAVTEX to identify measures to improve service. The World-Wide Meteorological Information and Warning Service survey is available at: Your participation is greatly appreciated and valued.



The following NAVAREA I and UK Coastal Warnings (WZs) were in force at: 082200 UTC FEB 16
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017/16 * 080500 UTC Feb 16 * RIGLIST. Correct at 080500 UTC Feb 16.

080500 UTC Feb 16

1. RIGLIST. Correct at 080500 UTC Feb 16.
         Southern North Sea: 51N to 55N
         53-04.9N 002-10.9E   Seafox 4 ACP Leman Gas Field
         53-13.1N 003-55.2E   Swift 10 ACP K15-FK1 NL Sector
         53-15.4N 001-58.2E   Ensco 92 ACP Vulcan Gas Field
         53-16.2N 003-37.7E   Ensco 122 ACP K14-FA1 NL Sector
         53-19.4N 002-34.5E   Seafox 1 ACP Indefatigable Gas Field
         53-21.3N 003-59.0E   Paragon C463 ACP K12-G NL Sector
         53-29.9N 002-25.1E   GMS Endurance 6101 ACP Viking Gas Field
         53-37.7N 005-08.6E   Paragon C461 ACP M7-A  NL Sector
         53-44.8N 003-37.0E  Paragon C20051
         53-45.1N 003-54.9E   GMS Endeavour 6102 ACP K6-GT NL Sector 
         53-53.1N 000-26.0E   Paragon B391 ACP York UK Sector
         54-34.1N 002-18.1E   Seafox 2 ACP Cygnus A APU UK Sector
         54-34.2N 002-17.5E   Seafox 7 ACP Cygnus APU UK Sector
         54-34.2N 002-17.6E   Ensco 102 ACP Cygnus APU UK Sector
         54-36.0N 002-11.8E   Ensco 80 ACP Cygnus B WHP UK Sector
         North Sea: 55N to 60N, East of 5W
         55-06.3N 003-50.0E   Paragon C20052
         55-28.7N 005-06.5E   Ensco 71 ACP Dan Oil Field
         55-28.8N 005-06.6E   Atlantic Amsterdam ACP Dan Oil Field
         55-32.3N 005-01.9E   Ensco 72 ACP Halfdan Oil Field
         55-38.4N 004-53.1E   Noble Sam Turner ACP Tyra Gas Field
         55-43.0N 004-45.0E   Seafox 5 ACP Tyra Gas Field
         55-43.3N 004-48.2E   COSL Rigmar ACP Tyra Gas Field
         55-52.9N 004-14.0E   Ensco 121 alongside platform u/c Danish Sector
         56-05.7N 004-13.2E   Maersk Resolute ACP Syd Arne Gas Field
         56-10.4N 004-10.5E   Maersk Resilient ACP Svend Oil Field
         56-10.7N 004-10.8E   Energy Enhancer ACP Svend Oil Field
         56-14.8N 003-57.6E   Maersk Resolve ACP under construction
         56-16.9N 003-23.8E   Maersk Reacher ACP Valhall Oil Field
         56-22.6N 003-15.5E   Maersk Innovator ACP Eldfisk Oil Field
         56-22.6N 003-15.9E   Maersk Gallant ACP Eldfisk Oil Field        
         56-31.2N 003-13.3E   Rowan Gorilla 6 ACP Ekofisk Oil Field
         56-32.8N 003-13.2E   Rowan Norway ACP Ekofisk Oil Field
         56-40.5N 005-24.7E   Maersk Giant ACP Nini Gas Field
         56-46.3N 000-46.4E   Ensco 100
         56-57.6N 001-48.4E   Rowan Gorilla 5 ACP Franklin Gas Field
         56-58.0N 001-52.1E   Prospector 1 ACP Franklin Gas Field
         57-00.8N 001-50.4E   GSF Galaxy 1 ACP Elgin Gas Field
         57-00.8N 001-50.5E   Prospector 5 ACP Elgin Gas Field
         57-01.9N 001-57.3E   Noble Hans Deul ACP Shearwater Oil Field
         57-04.8N 002-05.0E   Byford Dolphin
         57-10.1N 002-15.7E   Ocean Patriot
         57-15.0N 002-34.1E   Maersk Guardian
         57-17.5N 001-39.6E  Safe Caledonia ACP Marnock Oil Field
         57-22.5N 001-59.8E   Ensco 101 ACP Mungo Oil Field
         57-43.9N 000-58.2E   Rowan Gorilla 7 ACP Forties Oil Field
         57-57.7N 000-55.0W   Ensco 120 ACP Golden Eagle Oil & Gas Field
         58-02.9N 001-08.6E   COSL Rival ACP Britannia Gas Field
         58-06.1N 000-41.7E   Blackford Dolphin
         58-14.3N 000-12.5E  Paragon MSS1
         58-34.3N 001-41.8E   Maersk Integrator ACP Gina Krog under construction
         58-35.0N 002-10.3E   Island Innovator
         58-42.4N 002-09.8E  Bredford Dolphin
         58-50.6N 002-14.9E   Rowan Viking ACP Edvard Grieg under construction
         58-50.7N 001-44.5E   West Epsilon ACP Gudrun Oil & Gas Field
         59-12.3N 002-26.9E   West Alpha
NEW 59-29.7N 001-58.0E  Transocean Winner
         59-32.7N 001-39.5E   Sedco 704
         59-53.5N 001-12.3E   Transocean Leader
         Norwegian Sea: 60N to 65N, East of 5W
         60-03.8N 003-58.5W   Ocean Valiant ACP Solan Gas Field
         60-19.5N 004-05.6W   Deepsea Aberdeen          
         60-25.9N 002-44.7E   Songa Delta
         60-30.3N 002-00.8E   Maersk Intrepid
         60-37.7N 001-39.2E   Borgsten Dolphin ACP Dunbar Oil Field
NEW 60-44.2N 002-29.9W   Floatel Victory ACP u/c Claire Ridge Oil Field  
         60-45.3N 003-38.2E   COSL Promoter
NEW 60-53.5N 003-40.2E   Songa Equinox
         60-53.8N 003-39.3E  Stena Don
         61-02.3N 002-20.3E   West Elara ACP Kvitebjorn Gas Field
         61-04.9N 002-15.2E   Songa Dee
         61-23.6N 002-07.5E   Bideford Dolphin
         61-38.5N 002-49.2E  Leiv Eiriksson
         61-39.1N 001-20.5E   Paul B Loyd Jr.  
         64-03.7N 006-50.6E   Transocean Arctic
         South and West Coasts of the British Isles
         53-32.2N 003-34.6W   Irish Sea Pioneer ACP Douglas Oil Field
NEW Great Yarmouth            Seajacks Kraken
A. Rigs are protected by a 500 metre safety zone.
B. ACP - Adjacent to Charted Platform.
C. For Rigs located North of 65N, East of 5W, refer to Navarea XIX Warnings or visit
2. Cancel NAVAREA I 015/16.

016/16 * 051000 UTC Feb 16 * NAVAREA I WARNINGS IN FORCE AT 051000 UTC FEB 16.

051000 UTC Feb 16



2015 SERIES: 192, 197, 237, 364, 377, 378

2016 SERIES: 012, 015, 016



A. Texts of NAVAREA I Warnings issued each week are printed in weekly editions of the Admiralty Notices to Mariners bulletin (ANMB).

B. NAVAREA I Warnings less than 42 days old (012/16 onward) are promulgated via SafetyNET and/or relevant NAVTEX transmitters.

C. The complete texts of all in-force NAVAREA I warnings, including those which are no longer being broadcast, are reprinted in Section III of ANMB in weeks 1, 13, 26 and 39 and are also available from the UKHO website at:

Alternatively, these may be requested by e-mail from NAVAREA I Co-ordinator at: navwarnings(at)


2. Cancel NAVAREA I 013/16.

012/16 * 290505 UTC Jan 16 * ENGLAND, EAST COAST. Humber estuary approach. Humber Gateway Windfarm changes to perimiter cardinal light-buoys.

290505 UTC Jan 16

Humber estuary approach.
Chart BA 107 
1. Following light-buoys marking Humber Gateway Windfarm perimeter permanently removed: East cardinal marks at 53-38.4N 000-20.1E and 53-40.3N 000-20.1E. South cardinal mark at 53-36.5N 000-17.4E. West cardinal marks at 53-37.0N 000-15.6E and 53-39.9N 000-14.2E.
2. East cardinal light-buoy (East 2)  VQ(3) 5 sec, established at 53-40.1N 000-20.1E.

378/15 * 220545 UTC Dec 15 * ENGLAND SOUTH COAST. Selsey Bill Eastward, New light-buoys established.

220545 UTC Dec 15

Selsey Bill Eastward.
Chart BA 1652.
New light-buoys established as follows:
(A) North 1, North Cardinal, Q, 50-41.38N 000-21.90W.
(B) North 2, North Cardinal, VQ, 50-42.07N 000-17.10W.
(C) North 3, North Cardinal, Q, 50-42.77N 000-12.29W.
(D) East 1, East Cardinal, Q(3) 10 sec, 50-41.05N 000-11.31W.  
(E) South 1, South Cardinal, Q(6)+1L.Fl 15 sec, 50-39.17N 000-11.36W.
(F) South 2, South Cardinal, VQ(6)+1L.Fl 10 sec, 50-38.40N 000-16.15W.
(G) South 3, South Cardinal, Q(6)+1L.Fl 15 sec 50-37.63N 000-20.93W.
(H) West 1, West Cardinal, Q(9) 15 sec, 50-39.44N 000-21.93W.

237/15 * 180905 UTC Aug 15 * SCOTLAND, EAST COAST. Firth of Forth. Range of Isle of May Light temporarily reduced.

180905 UTC Aug 15

Firth of Forth.
Chart BA 175.
Isle of May light 56-11.1N 002-33.5W, range temporarily reduced to 10 miles.

197/15 * 151610 UTC Jul 15 * SCOTLAND, WEST COAST. Firth of Clyde. Range of Island Davaar Light temporarily reduced.

151610 UTC Jul 15

Firth of Clyde.
BA Chart 2126.
Island Davaar Light 55-25.7N 005-32.4W range temporarily reduced to 9 miles.

192/15 * 091430 UTC Jul 15 * NORTH SEA, UK SECTOR. MacCulloch Oil Field. Decommissioning of FPSO North Sea Producer in progress.

091430 UTC Jul 15

MacCulloch Oil Field.
Chart BA 291.
Decommissioning of FPSO North Sea Producer 58-19.4N 000-43.6E in progress.
Mariners are requested to avoid an area radius 1.5 miles centred at this position.

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