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Admiralty Chart Availability List

The link below will give you access to the Chart Availability List. This list provides useful data on every chart in the Admiralty series and is updated on a weekly basis. Information relating to each chart is divided into subject fields. For a detailed description of each subject field, see below.



Shows the prefix of the relevant chart - i.e. AUS42.

Chart Number

Shows numbers in use by the current Admiralty series and also those not used. Charts available are shown in black whereas those that are not available are shown in red.

SuffixShows the suffix of the relevant chart - i.e. 2182A.

ARCS Region

Relevant area CDROM if chart is available in ARCS. Click here for more information on ARCS.

Charts on Update CD

Identifies those charts currently located on the Update CD (also shows where they will remain until the relevant RC Area Disc is reissued).

Paper/Paper & ARCS/Not Available

Shows whether the chart is available in Paper only (P), available in Paper & ARCS (P & A) or not available (N/A), i.e.- the number is currently vacant within the Admiralty series.

Week No/Year that the chart was withdrawn or replaced

Shows the week number and year that the chart was cancelled and/or replaced.

Replaced by Chart No. or New Chart

Shows the new chart number where there is a replacement chart for one that has been cancelled. Alternatively, the column will be annotated 'New Chart' where either the chart is the replacement for one that has been cancelled or is a completely new chart. Occasionally this column may be annotated 'Withdrawn'. This will happen in the case of an independent chart withdrawal.

Contained in Paper Chart Folio No.

Lists the Paper Chart Folio within which the chart is contained.


Important Note:

These listings cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate and should not be used as definitive authority for anything that is published in the public domain. The Chart Availability List is not intended to replace Chart Catalogue NP131, or the Admiralty Digital Catalogue.

Please note that in the Latest Edition column (I) one of two dates is listed; the UKHO Availability date for prefixed charts (e.g. JP11) and the Latest Edition date for all other charts.



Chart Availability List: PDF File  |  Excel File