Digital developments from the UKHO

UKHO has been developing a range of online resources

Maritime navigation is undergoing a huge change as the primary means of navigation shifts from paper charts to digital technology. Making that transition successful will require new products and services, such as AVCS and e-Navigator, but also timely information and practical guidance which helps mariners and shipping companies to plan effectively for a future world of digital navigation.

In order to help that planning process, the UKHO has been developing a range of online resources. Firstly, if you haven’t yet, please visit: Here, you’ll have quick and easy access to all the Admiralty product and service information you need, from the latest ENC coverage available in AVCS to our new integrated digital catalogue, product viewer and passage planning tool, Admiralty e-Navigator.

In addition, we’ve created the new Admiralty Resource Centre on the site. The Resource Centre provides a broad range of information offering clear, straightforward advice on the impact of the ECDIS Mandate and the resulting implications for navigational operations. Whether you’re just starting to plan your route to compliance or looking to further enhance your bridge teams’ digital navigation support, you’ll find information to help.

We’ll also shortly be adding a new feature called ‘Ask Admiralty’. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions directly to our team of experts on a whole range of navigational topics and issues, as well as Admiralty products and services. So if you need to know more about Admiralty ENC coverage, or need advice on how ECDIS will impact your navigational operations, we’ll be able to provide you with answers directly from the Admiralty team. 

Finally, we’re developing our Future of Navigation blog, which we’ll be updating with news on Admiralty products and services, as well as looking at interesting issues and developments from across the industry. The blog is also a great way for you to get in touch with Admiralty; feedback from the maritime community is hugely valuable to us, so if there’s a story which interests you, please do leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.