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HMNAO is a small multi-disciplinary group of specialists whose purpose is to provide solutions to astronomical and celestial navigation problems. The Office produces astronomical data suitable for a wide range of users, including professional and amateur astronomers, mariners, aviators, surveyors, the Armed Forces, the Police, lawyers, religious groups, architects, schools, diary and calendar manufacturers, photographers and film crews. In fact, anyone requiring astronomical information may have need of our services.

  • Products and Services

    Almanacs: The Nautical & Astronomical Almanacs, NavPac, Sight Reduction, Technical Notes, Information Sheets. Astronomical Data: Websurf, Customer requested Astronomical Data, Sunrise and Set Times, Twilights, Eclipses Information, Visibility of New Crescent Moon & Transits.
  • IAU Activities

    The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is the governing body for astronomy.
  • History of the NA & HMNAO

    History of the publications, work and staff (in progress), including memoirs of Superintendents DH Sadler (1930-1972) & GA Wilkins (1948-1990), ...
  • Contacts

    Contact details for HMNAO: e-mail your enquiry to