Make the most of your time

Whether you're in the sea, on the sea or near the sea, Admiralty EasyTide will quickly provide you with valuable tidal information to help you make the most of your time.

Free Service

Tidal predictions for the current day and the next consecutive 6 are provided free of charge.

Enhanced EasyTide

Admiralty EasyTide includes an enhanced option which, for a small fee, enables you to select the date of your prediction and obtain other useful information including:

  • Lunar phases
  • Times of Sunrise and Sunset
  • Springs and Neaps data
  • Worldwide Coverage

Worldwide Coverage

Containing data for over 6000 Primary and Secondary ports around the world, Admiralty EasyTide is the most comprehensive tidal prediction service on the Web.

Peace of Mind

Admiralty EasyTide, developed by one of the world’s leading hydrographic offices, uses only official data to calculate accurate tidal predictions.

Easy to Use

Admiralty EasyTide is designed to be easy to use and understand. The intuitive port selection includes geographical and textual searching ensuring the required port can be found whether you know the port name or not. Once a port has been selected, the service will instantaneously generate the times of high and low water. A useful tidal curve diagram is also provided. The information is presented in a user-friendly way helping to ensure that those with little or no experience of tidal predictions are able to interpret the results in a meaningful way.

Contact us

If you have any further detailed question that you would like to ask, you can contact us at tides@ukho.gov.uk

If you have any comments or feedback on the EasyTide service please use the following feedback form:

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