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Note: the date shown underneath 12:00 on any given day is applicable to the previous and next periods of 12 hours

Wed 21 Feb
02:32 08:09 14:42 20:40
3.1 m1.0 m3.3 m0.9 m
Thu 22 Feb
03:15 08:52 15:29 21:29
3.0 m1.1 m3.2 m1.1 m
Fri 23 Feb
04:08 09:50 16:29 22:42
2.9 m1.3 m3.0 m1.2 m
Sat 24 Feb
05:14 11:22 17:45
2.8 m1.3 m2.9 m
Sun 25 Feb
00:11 06:33 12:57 19:10
1.3 m2.8 m1.3 m2.9 m
Mon 26 Feb
01:39 07:50 14:19 20:32
1.3 m3.0 m1.1 m3.1 m
Tue 27 Feb
02:48 09:01 15:19 21:38
1.1 m3.2 m0.8 m3.2 m

Predicted heights are in metres above Chart Datum

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Daylight Saving Warning

EasyTide predictions are based on the standard time of the country concerned. For the UK this is GMT (which is in force from 02:00 am on the last Sunday in October until 01:00am on the last Sunday in March). The specific dates of the Sundays in October and March for the next three years can be found on the directgov website at http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/index.htm.
The “Daylight saving” drop-down box in the top right-hand corner of the screen can be used to convert the predicted times to “Daylight Saving Time”. In the UK this is known as British Summer Time (BST) and is one hour later than GMT. Therefore BST applies to dates and times outside those mentioned above.

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Please note: The data provided by the EasyTide service has not been designed to meet the specific requirements of any particular type of user. It is therefore the user's responsibility to ensure that the data is suitable for their intended purpose. EasyTide is not designed for use by vessels operating under SOLAS regulations. For such vessels, the UKHO has developed specifically designed products such as the Admiralty Tide Tables or Admiralty TotalTide. The UKHO does not accept responsibility for any amendments or changes to the data in the EasyTide service made during its transmission or in the process of displaying or printing or conversion into alternative formats on the user's equipment, or for any modifications or unauthorised changes made by licensees or other parties.